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New Orleans

Party Bus New Orleans

One of the best experiences for music or culture enthusiasts is visiting the city of jazz. The music, the cuisine, the culture, the people and even the legends make the whole trip more than worthwhile. However, what if I told you that we could throw something into the mix that would blow your experience to a whole new level? Forget about taxis and bicycles. Heck, you can even throw away the notion of walking. Why not just go all out and get yourself a Party Bus New Orleans? We guarantee you will get a whole new impression of the city.

What We Offer

Our services cannot be described as simple transportation because the word does not do justice to what we offer. Party Bus New Orleans offers the equivalent of an out of body experience on the road. Our vehicles are stylish, smart and luxurious. The amenities within will have you refusing to disembark once you’re aboard. We are versatile and cover all areas within the city and parts of the outskirts. We have packages that are suitable for individuals, couples, traveling parties, corporate events, wedding parties, homecomings, proms and concerts, bachelor/bachelorette parties and airport transfers just to mention a few others. You are always guaranteed to get what you are looking for with Party Bus New Orleans.

Why Choose Us

If you are still asking yourself why you should go with Party Bus New Orleans and not any of our other less that agreeable competitors, here are a few more reasons to aid in your decision

1. Custom rates We have custom rates to suit your occasion. Whether you need the bus for a few hours, a simple transportation from point A to point B, to throw a pre-party on your way to the actual party, to travel around the town and enjoy the ambiance. All you need to do is tell us, and we will throw an affordable price your way. You can even reserve a bus earlier and state the types of amenities you would like within.

2. Best Amenities around Our snack bars and alcohol bars are always fully equipped with only the best of the local cuisine, and the best brands of liquor. There is also an option of choosing exactly how you would like the amenities to be accessorized so that your party is satisfied. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

3. Variety’ Our buses come in several different makes and sized ensuring that you get a bus that will comfortably sit all the people in your party for a worthwhile experience. The music selection is always awesome and is subject to change depending on your specific taste.

4. Convenience With one of our party buses, you will never feel the impact of traffic or spend almost half an hour looking for a suitable parking space for your vehicle. You do not even have to worry about ending up towed while touring a different state.

All you do is get into one of our exotic vehicles and let the fun take you where you wish to go. We will always drop you at the doorstep. So, next time you are in town, check out our website and select something for you and your friends, then kick back and let us show you the true meaning of enjoying life. Nothing beats a day experienced with a Party Bus New Orleans rental.